Powerful Financial Insight

HOA Financial Insight

Real time financial reporting.

Give owners and/or board members access to real time delinquency reports, balance sheets, income statements, expense over runs, budget,
pacing and a number of other financial reports. Bank reconciliations are available from any device. See images of Facturas and receipts as they are Paid.

Security gets to trackingHOA Security

Create routes, routines and timelines for your security team. Automatically get alerts and weekly reports emailed to staff or board members. Using QR codes and any device that has a camera you can make check

Security QR Code

points for scheduled activity. Your Security team can also record video and upload it for documentation.

Customized Communication

HOA Board CommunicationsCustomization just got a lot easier.

Not only will your homeowners get an email or text every time there is activity in their Account; they can also customize the level of communication they want from the HOA.

Your owners who have specific interests are able to keep well informed automatically. This automated system along with 24/7 access to the owner portal will reduce phone calls and emails allowing the HOA staff more time to focus on their other tasks.

HOA User Preferences

Organized WorkflowHOA WorkOrders

Every administrator and board member has asked the question: what happened to that maintenance we requested 6 months ago? Now you can find out online by looking
in the maintenance module. Board members can search all work orders, see when it was submitted, how long it took to fix and what was the resolution.

As work orders come in they can be assigned to individual team members. Track how quickly they are being done by the organization or by individuals. The ability to track all required information along with photos and integrated Google translate buttons for language support are all included.

Ever try to set up a re-occurring maintenance task only to realize later that it was never followed up on? Now re-occurring work orders allow you to make tasks such as changing the filters on equipment or performing preventative maintenance on a schedule.
Our simple reporting tool of what is done, what is over due or incomplete helps keep everyone on track and provides transparency of your operations.


Mobile Phone AppOur mobile allow you to see everything that the desktop module has. It’s easy now to make a work order,

take photos of broken items needing to be fixed or check progress in the field or from your home.

It’s Your Data!

Just because the players change doesn’t mean that your data should be lost. Payment history, documents, communications,

and important historical data is YOUR data. You should have access to it in real time

so there is always transparency and it should remain with the HOA when you change managers. Vecinoapp is your solution for keeping your data locked down and secure.

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